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Top 10 Skinniest Person In The World 

Top 10 Skinniest Person In The World


Some people are frequently left behind and become the targets of bullying in a world where many spend millions on changing their physical appearance. While the need for such an altercation is a whole different topic to be discussed. We are here to have a quick rundown of the list of skinniest person in the world. Since the beginning of time, we have seen body shaming and other forms of societal pressure placed on every person. When one is harassed for being thin, the other is questioned for being fat, another beautiful body trait. So no matter where you come from, or where you belong, you will always be judged by the world. Which talks about nuisance behind your back.

Anyway, we are going to be fair and rank the top 10 skinniest people according to our research. Considering the imaginary line between being slim, thin, and lean.

Top 10 skinniest people : Skinniest Person

Tom Staniford

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Tom Staniford, a professional cyclist, is known for being one of the world’s skinniest individuals due to a rare condition that prevents his body from storing fats. Despite this condition, he achieved remarkable success by becoming a champion at the National Para-Cycling Circuit Race in 2011.

In addition to his unique medical condition, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has disclosed that Tom Staniford faces several other disabilities. These include moderate hearing loss in both ears, low testosterone levels, limited flexibility, and lipodystrophy.

Born in Akrotiri, Cyprus, Tom Staniford had a diverse upbringing, living in various locations such as Greenwich, Hamburg, Kuwait, Blandford Forum, and Wales. His life journey and achievements underscore his exceptional resilience and determination in the face of significant challenges.

Valeria Levitin

Valeria Levitin skinniest person
Valeria Levitin skinniest person

Valerie Levitin is widely known as the skinniest woman globally, primarily due to her remarkably low weight, which hovers around 27 kilograms. It’s important to note that while this weight is exceptionally low, especially for her height, it’s still significantly underweight and concerning from a health perspective.

Valerie’s life journey is marked by tragedy. She did not start her life with such extreme thinness, nor did she have any underlying medical conditions initially. At a young age, she grappled with a profound fear of becoming overweight, which led her to restrict her food intake in an attempt to shed calories.

Over time, her condition deteriorated, and she found herself unable to consume even the basic nutrients necessary for maintaining good health. Eventually, she was diagnosed with anorexia, a severe eating disorder that ultimately claimed her life.

In her healthier days, Valerie was actively involved in social causes. She spearheaded an international campaign aimed at raising awareness about eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia. Her story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing mental and physical health issues and promoting a healthy body image.

It’s essential to approach discussions about individuals like Valerie Levitin with sensitivity and empathy, as they have faced immense challenges related to their health and body image.

Cathie Jung : Skinniest Person

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Cathie Jung is another individual on our list of the world’s skinniest people. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall, she achieved an incredibly reduced waist size, measuring at an astonishing 15 inches.

Cathie’s journey towards attaining this unique waist size was through a practice known as tightlacing. It was a dream her husband had, and with her consent, they embarked on this unconventional path to fulfill it. Although slimming devices were readily available in the market at the time, Cathie’s husband sought something extraordinary for his bride. Under his guidance, she consistently practiced tightlacing, resulting in a significant reduction in her waist circumference.

While her bust and hips measured at 39 inches, her waist presented a remarkable contrast, measuring just 15 inches. For her wedding day, Cathie wore a corset that further cinched her waist from 26 inches down to 22 inches.

Cathie Jung’s unique story unquestionably places her among the skinniest individuals to have ever lived. Her dedication to achieving her husband’s dream through tightlacing is a testament to the extraordinary measures some people take to shape their bodies in distinctive ways.

Lizzie Valesquez

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Lizzie Velasquez is a well-known American motivational speaker who has faced unique challenges due to her medical condition, Marfan-progeroid-lipodystrophy syndrome. This condition has led to her having an extremely small stature, regardless of her dietary intake. Remarkably, Lizzie has to eat approximately every 20 minutes to sustain herself.

During her high school years, Lizzie endured bullying from her peers, and later, she faced cyberbullying as well. These difficult experiences became a catalyst for her to advocate for marginalized individuals and raise awareness about their struggles.

In addition to her role as a motivational speaker, Lizzie Velasquez is an accomplished author, activist, and YouTuber. She draws strength from her faith, describing herself as a religious person who believes that God is always there for her.

Lizzie’s medical condition is exceptionally rare, with only three known cases reported worldwide. While some medical researchers have suggested that her condition may not adversely affect her bones, teeth, and organs, thus posing no imminent threat to her life, Lizzie’s unique circumstances undoubtedly place her among the skinniest individuals globally.

Lizzie Velasquez’s journey is a testament to her resilience and determination in the face of extraordinary challenges, and her advocacy work continues to inspire and raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity and compassion.

Loana Spangerberg

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Loana Spogenberg is a Romanian model known for her extraordinarily slim physique, boasting a waist size of just 20 inches, and standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 6 inches. Despite her petite stature, she maintains a weight of around 84 pounds. Remarkably, her condition is considered normal within her unique context, and she leads a regular life.

Loana has been making efforts to gain weight, even resorting to consuming junk food to achieve this goal. However, her hourglass figure has sparked controversy, with many speculating that her photos may be digitally altered, and some accusing her of seeking attention. Nevertheless, Loana has consistently defended herself, asserting that her appearance is entirely natural.

In today’s media, the German-born model has earned nicknames such as “Human Coat Hanger” and “Human Hourglass” due to her distinctive figure.

Loana Spogenberg’s story highlights the diversity of body shapes and sizes and the complex relationship between body image and societal norms. It’s essential to approach discussions about individuals like Loana with empathy and respect for their personal choices and unique circumstances.

Michele Korbke : Skinniest Person

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Michele Korbke is a German woman known for her pursuit of a remarkably sculpted figure through the use of corsets. She achieved an incredibly low waistline, measuring just 16 inches, by consistently wearing corsets that gradually reduced her waist size.

Michele holds the 6th position on the list of the world’s skinniest people. Her journey also involved a unique dietary approach, opting for multiple small meals throughout the day instead of the conventional three-meals-a-day pattern. Her strikingly tiny waistline is a rare sight, reminiscent of the proportions often seen in animated movies or fantasy art.

While many individuals on this list are born with rare conditions that prevent their bodies from storing fat, Michele Korbke stands out for her deliberate efforts to achieve such a slender physique. It’s undeniable that her distinctive body shape brought her recognition and fame that she may not have otherwise attained.

Today, Michele Korbke serves as an inspiration for many individuals, particularly women, who aspire to transform their physique, especially in terms of reducing their waistline. Her journey underscores the diverse ways in which people pursue their desired body image and the impact of such choices on their lives and public perception.

Ann Ward

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Ann Ward is a 31-year-old American fashion model who graduated from Prosper High School. Her life journey has been marked by the challenges she faced during her teenage years, where she endured repeated mockery about her weight in relation to her height.

Ann Ward maintains a weight of only 99 pounds while standing tall. Her unique body frame has left fashion TV viewers astounded. Regardless of the opinions and comments she receives, Ann Ward carries herself with optimism and a strong sense of self-confidence. This self-assuredness is undoubtedly one of her most admirable qualities.

Ann firmly believes that each person should have the freedom to determine their own body weight based on their personal choices. Despite maintaining a positive attitude towards life, Ann continues to experience body shaming. However, her fame and success have largely silenced many of her critics.

Ann Ward’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and resilience in the face of societal pressures and criticism, and her determination to pursue a career in modeling has made her an inspiration to many.

Valerie Lukyanova

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Valerie Lukyanova holds the eighth position on our list of the world’s skinniest individuals. She is a Russian entertainer and Ukrainian model who has embraced the moniker of a living Barbie doll due to her striking resemblance to the iconic toy.

Valerie’s resemblance to Barbie is evident at first glance, and it’s believed that she has undergone numerous surgeries, including breast implants, to achieve her doll-like appearance. However, she has also attributed much of her physique to consistent gym workouts and a proper diet regimen.

Born in the Soviet Union, Valerie Lukyanova currently resides in Mexico. In 2007, she achieved recognition by winning the “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” competition. This competition had relatively lax rules regarding plastic surgeries or body modifications.

Following her victory, Valerie participated in multiple photo sessions, including some of an erotic nature. However, her global fame skyrocketed after she shared images of herself online, leading people around the world to recognize her as a living Barbie doll.

Valerie Lukyanova’s astonishingly low weight of 99 pounds places her among the skinniest individuals globally. Her unique appearance and journey have sparked fascination and curiosity, contributing to her status as a distinctive figure in the world of entertainment and modeling.

Kristina Karyagina

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Kristina Karyagina is another individual on our list of the skinniest people in the world. Her journey began as a regular life until she decided to significantly reduce her calorie intake.  This driven by the desire for a specific body shape. This drastic dietary change began during her high school years and led to the development of a rare body condition. Which has negatively impacted her health.

Currently, Kristina Karyagina’s condition has left her extremely thin. To the point where she weighs the same as a four-year-old child. This situation is undeniably distressing. Despite her best efforts to regain a more normal and healthy eating pattern, her disorder continues to hinder her progress.

Kristina’s story underscores the challenges that some individuals face when it comes to body image and disordered eating habits. It’s crucial to approach these stories with sensitivity and empathy. Recognizing the complex nature of such conditions and the importance of seeking professional help and support for those affected.

Dita Von Teese : Skinniest Person

Dita Von Teese skinniest person
Dita Von Teese skinniest person

In the tenth position on our list is Dita Von Teese. A former Miss Maryland Queen and a prominent American vedette, model, businesswoman, and burlesque dancer. She is widely recognized for her significant role in rekindling interest in burlesque performance.

Dita is a multifaceted artist who has not only excelled in her burlesque career. She has also authored books on the history of burlesque, further enhancing her popularity. Additionally, she collaborated on musical projects with the renowned French musician Sebastian Tellier.

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Dita Von Teese is acknowledged as one of the skinniest individuals in the world. Her unique career and artistic contributions have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Particularly within the realm of burlesque.

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