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How to Apply Eyeliner with Perfect Form (and Straight Results) Every Time 

How to Apply Eyeliner with Perfect Form (and Straight Results) Every Time

There’s a couple of manner how to apply eyeliner. That being said, regardless of whether or not we’re speaking about a way to practice liquid eyeliner, the way to observe pencil eyeliner, or the way to observe gel eyeliner there are some difficult and rapid policies which are universally applicable. No eye pulling, heavy decrease-lining, or applying while you’re in a rush. The last of those always ends terribly. Maximum different eyeliner transgressions are without difficulty forgiven—if now not as much as personal discretion. As for just how you move approximately getting the ideal diffused line that both widens and brightens eyes? Nicely, that is structured ordinarily in your eye form. As soon as you have nailed down the proper eyeliner method for your eye shape (greater on that right here), allow us to serve as your publications on the journey to perfecting your lash-line look.

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

The traditional line

traditional line
traditional line

Hands down, earlier than you try to tackle greater stylish how to apply eyeliner strategies, you need to master the traditional line. This is genuinely following your lash line out of your inner to outer corners whether or not on the higher or lower lid. Conventional strains pair well with liquid, pencil, and gel liners. However the actual trick is getting to know the artwork of lining your lids without pulling on them.

If you’re still learning the conventional line, the usage of a pencil, liquid liner, or gel, start through the usage of making small dashes alongside your lid line as near thebase of your lashes as feasible. Then go again and slowly fill within the areas, being positive to hold the identical width as your initial dashes.

No-fail pro suggestions:

  • Whilst stretching your lids can create a smoother, taut software surface—mainly whilst the usage of pencils—ultimately, you can create premature sagging. Do your pleasant to forestall this awful addiction.
  • Choose eyeliners that won’t drag throughout your skin—we love gels, liquid liners with angled suggestions, or felt-tip liquid liners. Jamie Greenberg, the founding father of Jamie make-up, recommends that you “take the element of the liquid eyeliner applicator and stamp it one end at a time till linked.”
  • Geoffrey Rodriguez, a superstar make-up artist (MUA), notes that balance is important. First and foremost, using the proper line requires a simple, fluid wrist motion, which is why maintaining a steady hand is essential. Attempt sitting in front of a (lighted magnifying) replicate with your elbow resting on a table in order that your wrist has the liberty to move effortlessly. This may offer more balance, control, and a flowing movement.”



The cat-eye is a classic liner approach that may make your eyes appearance lifted. It builds on the classic eyeliner through including a small upward flick simply past the outer corner of your eyes. In a super world, you may create this look in one smooth drift over your eye. However if your flick is not lining up well or lacks that signature thick to skinny attitude, strive making use of your line in steps.

Begin with the core line from the internal to outer corner—being positive to forestall at your outer corner. Next paintings from out to in. Be intentional and decide in which you want your flick to prevent. Draw downward till you connect with the quit of the line you drew at your outer corner. Then with small strokes, fill in where needed on the eye, adding in greater depth and thickness wherein you want.

No-fail seasoned guidelines:

  • Similar to our tip above, do not pull the lid, specifically if you have hooded eyes: The wing or flick you are attempting for a cat-eye, wing, or maybe a geometric line won’t look proper and may wander off in the fold.
  • A traditional cat-eye isn’t always as dramatic as a wing. So, you could stay closer to your outer nook so long as the flick is pointed upward.
  • Felt-tip liners are the easiest alternative for making use of a cat eye as you can clearly lay the end in opposition to your eye. The suggestions are generally tapered with a pencil-skinny drawing end, allowing you to gain the precise angled flick with a easy press against your lid.
  • In case you smudge the flick, you may without problems smooth any mistakes with concealer and a liner brush. However constantly make sure to begin small and build: it’s so a lot less difficult to apply more liner than it is to do away with it.
  • Opposite cat-eye can be simpler to reap as you’re simply following alongside your lower lash line and persevering with the road beyond your outer corners.



Winged liner is applied precisely like a cat eyeliner and works well with all eyeliner products. The biggest difference is that wings are typically more dramatic and, depending on your preferences, can have an exaggerated top and duration. So observe the above steps—with just a chunk extra product and verve.

But, human beings with hooded or monolids will have the sharpest learning curve with wings and cat-eyes. The herbal form of your eye can make the flick or wing wander off in the fold of your eyelid. Your natural inclination is to show your head to the side together with your eye closed even as going through your replicate to draw the wing. (And for most eye shapes this need to work high-quality.) however human beings with hooded or monolid eyes have to keep away from this and alternatively, face ahead. Emily Rudman, former make-up artist and founder of Emilie Heathe, notes that “for hooded eyes, you want to ensure you have the eyes open whilst doing the eyeliner. You can dot the outline for the line you will create after which fill inside the line.”

Even as the upper line of the wing would possibly appearance “incomplete” with a moderate dip when your eyes are closed. It’ll look perfect while your eyes are open as the “dip” is hidden through the hood of your eyelid.

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No-fail seasoned pointers:

  • A wing may be completed with any kind of eyeliner, however liquid and felt-tip liner pens with tapered brush heads often provide the high-quality precision.
  • In case you’re concerned approximately smudging—a not unusual hassle for making use of eyeliner to monolids—choose a waterproof liner.
  • Victoria Stiles, a movie star MUA and creative director of ShikSona beauty, notes that first useful resource tape makes an tremendous stencil for wings. “reduce two 2-inch portions of tape. Vicinity them below the bottom lash line inside the outer nook of each eye, pointing them diagonally upward closer to the temples of the face,” she says.

Smoky liner

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Smoky eyeliner certainly manner that you’re smudging out the lining—broadly speaking in the below-eye and outer corners. For this how to apply eyeliner trick, you may locate that you will need to use multiple eyeliner products or even eyeshadow relying on your preference. The software procedure is surely going to be much like a cat-eye. However you are additionally going to line your below-eye.

As an example, you may use a liquid liner to create the higher eyelid, but then use a pencil, shadow, or gel liner to create the underneath-eye line and cat-eye flick. Once implemented, smudge the lower line and the flick, which creates that smoky appearance.

No-fail pro tips:

  • Choose a smudge brush to create that best intentional smudge effect at the under-eye.
  • Gel, pencil, and kohl liners are best for smoky traces due to the fact those products are without difficulty smudged.
  • In case you need to take a smoky liner to a smoky eye, just add a nice gradient of shadow at the lid, paying unique attention to the crease.



Depending for your possibilities and ordinary make-up look dreams, you can sense like an underneath-eye line is senseless. (manifestly, for a smoky eye, the beneath-eye line is important.) but in lots of instances, you can bypass it. As a preferred rule, liquid liner—including a felt-tip liner—isn’t always an amazing desire for this line because the liquid can without difficulty get on your eyes before it dries down and units. Commonly pencils, gels, or even eyeshadow are higher alternatives for this look. Much like the traditional how to apply eyeliner, you will follow the form of your under-eye as near the lash line as viable.

No-fail seasoned tips:

  • Make eyes appearance bigger with the aid of sticking to lighter shades.
  • Darker colours are top notch for a dramatic effect.
  • Particularly with dark sunglasses, avoid lining the whole period of your underneath-eye to prevent the lining from making your eyes look smaller.
  • For eyeshadow as an underneath-eye line, observe it the use of an angled liner brush.

Genius Eyeliner Hacks for convenient Glam

Eyeliner is the ultimate tool in any makeup arsenal, able to transforming your appearance from diffused to beautiful with only a stroke. However studying the art of how to apply eyeliner application may be difficult. Fear no longer! Right here are seven innovative eyeliner hacks so that it will revolutionize your make-up habitual. And have you rocking perfect cat-eyes and sultry smudges very quickly.

1. Freeze Your Pencil:

uninterested in dealing with soft, smudgy eyeliner pencils? Pop them within the freezer for a couple of minutes before sprucing. The bloodless temperature will harden the formulation, making it simpler to sharpen to a specific point without any crumbling or breakage.

2. Tape Trick for perfect Wings:

reaching symmetrical winged eyeliner can feel like an not possible feat. Input the tape trick. Actually area a small piece of tape at the outer nook of your eye. Angling it toward the tail of your forehead. Use this as a manual to create your wing. Then cautiously put off the tape for sharp, wonderful flicks on every occasion.

3. Warmness Up Your Gel Liner:

Gel eyeliner can every now and then dry out and become difficult to apply smoothly. To restore it, gently heat up the pot with a hairdryer for a few seconds. This softens the formula, making it flow on effects for intense, lengthy-lasting color.

4. Multi-motive Brushes:

don’t restrict your eyeliner brushes to simply lining your eyes. A thin, angled brush can also be used to fill in sparse brows with precision, or to apply lipstick for a crisp, described pout.

5. Set with Shadow:

For eyeliner that remains put all day (and night), set it with an identical eyeshadow. After applying your liner, use a small, angled brush to press a comparable-colored eyeshadow over the top. No longer simplest will this accentuate the shade, however it’ll also lock the liner in area for smudge-proof wear.

6. Customise Your color:

don’t be afraid to get innovative along with your eyeliner sun shades. Mix special colours together at the lower back of your hand to create custom colorings that supplement your eye coloration or outfit. You can even experiment with metallic or glitter liners for a impressive finish.

7. Smooth Up with Concealer:

errors happen, however they don’t must destroy your complete look. Dip a small, flat brush into a few concealer and use it to tidy up any smudges or choppy lines round your eyes. This may sharpen your eyeliner and supply the phantasm of a perfect finish.

With those smart with how to apply eyeliner hacks up your sleeve. You’ll be slaying your eye make-up game like a seasoned. Whether or not you’re going for a subtle everyday look or a dramatic evening vibe. Those guidelines will ensure your eyeliner game is usually on factor.

Infographic: How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly


1. Why doesn’t my eyeliner live on all day?

Your eyeliner won’t remaining all day if you do not prime your eyes earlier than applying it. It is able to also smudge speedy if you do not let it dry absolutely earlier than applying the subsequent layers.

2. What shade eyeliner should you operate for inexperienced eyes?

Pink is a complementary color for green, so select shades that have purple undertones, including purple (lavender or violet) and bronze. Attempt MAC Technakohl Eyeliner Kajal in photograph Concious.

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