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How to DIY Your Own Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Waves 

How to DIY Your Own Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are one hairstyle that has endured over the years, despite the ebb and flow of fashion trends. We love an air-dry second, and thinking about how busy our lives are,DIY sea salt spray are frequently the most handy pick. And whilst there are lots of sea salt sprays available on the market that we love, making your very own DIY sea salt spray is honestly an option.

To make your personal sea salt spray at home, you will just want water, oil, salt, and a spritzer bottle—plus some expert hints (when using a drying aspect like salt, it’s critical to pay attention to the professionals.) So in advance, we tapped three celebrity hairstylists who shared the entirety there’s to realize about developing and the usage of a DIY sea salt spray at domestic.


  • 1 tablespoon of Epsom or sea salt
  • 1 tsp olive, jojoba, or extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • Spritzer bottle
  • Important oil (non-obligatory for fragrance)

To DIY sea salt spray, you’ll handiest want some ingredients, however the specific recipe will rely upon your hair kind and desired outcome. Another bonus of making your personal spray? You get to choose the signature heady scent together with your favorite important oils in case you so choose.

“if you need to combine your very own at home, i use one cup heat water and one tablespoon of sea salt,” says superstar hairstylist Ted Gibson, including that oil can be essential for thick, dry, or coarse hair types. “in case you think [about] what salt is, it can be very, very drying on the hair and hard up the cuticle. So an important oil or oil, in trendy, enables to feature moisture to the hair.”

Whilst deciding on an oil, superstar hairstylist and colorist. Tina Outen says to first see which combines satisfactory with the water to avoid greasy spots. Then, select your salt. “Epsom salts are through nature a detoxifying agent, so that you’re likely to draw impurities from your hair as well as your natural oils which condition. So preserve in thoughts what you’re doing in terms of stripping your hair if that is your salt of choice,” she explains.

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A way to Make a Sea Salt Spray for Hair:

1. Convey the water to a simmer

Use a tumbler measuring cup within the microwave or a pot on a stovetop as this can assist the salt completely dissolve when you combine the two in the 2nd step.

2. Pour within the salt

Stir thoroughly until there aren’t any more visible crystals floating round.

3. Switch to a spray bottle

You can want to invoke the assist of a funnel for this element, as matters may want to get messy.

4. Add your critical oils

Ought to you select to feature fragrance, do it here.

5. Shake

As soon as all of the ingredients have made it safely into their new spritzer bottle domestic. Make sure to provide it a very good shake to combination all the ingredients.

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A way to follow Sea Salt Spray to Hair

Gibson says to begin by using shaking the bottle very well to mix the elements for the pleasant end result. In case you used oil, be aware that it’s going to become independent from the water. So that re-mixing can be necessary earlier than every use. Subsequent, spray the combination onto damp hair from mid-length to ends. “you may allow it air dry if you want, but from time to time it is terrific to get a little quantity out of it by using using a blowdryer,” explains Gibson. Use your arms to twist or scrunch the hair into form as you blow-dry for a fresh-from-the-ocean beachy appearance with a purpose to closing until your subsequent shampoo.

Sea Salt Spray to Hair
Sea Salt Spray to Hair

In keeping with movie star stylist Anthony Turner, the possibilities are endless close to styling, “you may do as little or as plenty as you want,” he says. “think about that leaving salt spray to dry obviously might probably make your hair enjoy a chunk more inflexible; using a hairdryer and your arms tocreate motion breaks the product down in your hair, which means that you may have a high-quality, attractive texture without the stiffness.”

Take into account that much less is more with salt sprays. “Salt spray works quality whilst it’s constructed up slowly. So move grade by grade, beginning at the ends and going as an awful lot because the roots,” Outen says. “See the way it drys, and if you got the favored result, if not, then upload extra and repeat.

Does Sea Salt Spray work for each Hair type?

Proceed with caution whilst the use of a salt spray on thick, coarse, or dry hair kinds. “if you have thicker hair, i might continually blend some oil for your concoction,” Gibson says. “when you have thicker or coarser hair, it has a tendency to make that hair kind very dry and chalk-like. So oil facilitates to cut down the salt and make it greater plausible for thick hair.” while the usage of it on curly or kinky hair. He once more encourages the notion that oil is your exceptional buddy.
Gibson additionally gives the inexperienced mild to apply salt sprays on textured hair “as long because it’s on the finer aspect. At the same time as Turner advises against using an excessive amount of salt. “Textured hair has a tendency to need greater of a moisturizing product, and  salt spray mattifies the hair.”

Of course, if you have the time and more money to spend—or do no longer mingle with DIY initiatives—stylists suggest shopping for a superb salt spray.Outen says she indicates spending the money on some thing that protects the hair from harm, “pro merchandise have oils and conditioning dealers as well as a one-of-a-kind type of salt to create the bottom. They are formulated to re-condition as they paintings which can not be done with maximum at-home alternatives.”

Infographic: guidelines for applying sea salt spray

Sea salt spray can elevate your coiffure. It provides texture for your hair and gives it a elegant, messed up, wavy look. You could prepare sea salt spray at domestic following the instructions mentioned in the article. But, you need to recognize how to use it the proper way to get exact effects.

Test out the infographic underneath to learn a few guidelines for using sea salt spray the right way to get that perfect boho look.

guidelines for applying sea salt spray
guidelines for applying sea salt spray

Now, you may forestall counting on the industrial hair texturizing spray and prepare sea salt spray at domestic. It’s miles secure in your hair and consists of nourishing and hydrating substances to preserve your hair moisturized whilst giving it a textured look. The DIY recipe is straightforward to observe and can final you approximately a month. Comply with the application guidelines mentioned within the article for one of a kind hair kinds and flaunt beachy waves all year spherical. However, keep away from excessive use of sea salt spray as it may dry out your hair.

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1. Is sea salt spray simply salt and water?

Here’s the fact about DIY sea salt spray: terrible salt sprays handiest contain salt and water. Exact, terrific salt sprays will contain extra elements that help keep your hair and scalp wholesome and no longer so dehydrated.

2. How oftentimes a week ought to i exploit sea salt spray?

You may use sea salt spray daily when you have very oily hair. In any other case, it’s miles first-rate which you use it handiest twice every week.

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