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The Wolf Cut Is Trending Now 

The Wolf Cut Is Trending Now

The trendy wolf cut reduce made a big splash in ‘22, and you would possibly have assumed it’d fade out of style like such a lot of different hair developments earlier than it. This shaggy ‘do appears to have some stealthy lasting power, although, so if you’ve been taking into account the style then that is your sign to pencil in a chop. We requested stylists the entirety you might be curious about the wolf reduce, why it’s trending, and whether or not it’ll paintings in your hair texture and way of life.

What is a Wolf cut?

What does a wolf haircut appear like, anyway? The wolf reduce, in a nutshell, is a combination of presently maximum famous and edgy haircuts – the mullet and the shag. Supposedly originated in South Korea, the wolf haircut capabilities hundreds of chunky, shaggy layers on the top and wispy, wavy ends at the again.

A wolf cut may be done on any hair length or texture, and you may always spice it up with shade too. Maintain scrolling to locate the nice wolf coiffure for you!

1. Long Layered Wolf reduce

Long Layered Wolf Cut
Long Layered Wolf Cut

We adore this long heavily layered fashion that double the wolf haircut fashion with its vivid, juicy pink hair colour. Fashion it with a round brush and use some texturizing cream to get that signature messy wolf haircut look.

2. Lengthy Wavy Wolf cut

Long Wavy Wolf Cut
Long Wavy Wolf Cut

This subtle model of the wolf reduce is best for thick and coarse, evidently wavy hair. Boasting masses of volume and texture, it’s clean to preserve with only a splash of sea salt spray or curl enhancing serum.

3. Wolf reduce for Medium duration Hair

Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair
Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair

A blend of heavy, stacked fringe and heavily layered mullet-like ends is the satisfactory bet for immediately, thicker hair. Emphasize the texture of this reduce with the color: shiny, piecey highlights will upload measurement and movement in your coiffure.

4. Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers

Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers
Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers

Even though the wolf reduce is commonly appropriate for any hair kind, it looks high-quality on thick hair. With quick choppy layers on the crown, thinner ends can also appearance flat and missing extent on those with pleasant hair.

5. State-of-the-art Shoulder-period Wolf reduce

Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut
Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

You’ll be satisfied to listen that wolf reduce hairstyles are quite versatile, so you can feel unfastened to test this fashion irrespective of your face form and hair kind. This selection seems quite lovely, but you may make it edgier if delivered a barely messy texture on pinnacle and longer layers with choppy ends.

6. Mid-period Wolf cut with uneven Layers

Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers
Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

Right here is every other one in every of our shaggy reduce thoughts that fit women with all hair types. However, on this creative model of the wolf haircut, the bangs almost cover the eyes, hiding 1/2 of the face, which can work for lengthy faces, but no longer for round ones.

7. Ash Blonde Layered style for Medium Locks

Ash Blonde Layered Style for Medium Locks
Ash Blonde Layered Style for Medium Locks

It is not necessary to head for classic wolf cut hairstyles to offer your hair a thicker look, as longer uneven layers and curtain bangs will even paintings in this direction. In case you need to carry greater texture and measurement in your hair colour, opt for an ashy blonde color, which is nicely-matched with shadow roots.

8. Short Wolf cut with brilliant color Bangs

Short Wolf Cut with Vivid Color Bangs
Short Wolf Cut with Vivid Color Bangs

Bob isn’t an alternative anymore, so supply your locks a brand new, cutting-edge form with this shaggy wolf reduce. Ask your hair stylist for a few colour accents to frame your face and you’re equipped for the new summer season.

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9. Curly Wolf reduce

Curly Wolf Cut
Curly Wolf Cut

This curly wolf haircut is the whole thing. We like the combination of the bouncy and voluminous pinnacle and textured lightweight ends. Edgy, yet convenient, this hairstyle is perfect for your curls.

Professionals and Cons of the Wolf reduce

In conjunction with scheduling a consult with your stylist earlier than getting the wolf cut, don’t forget some of these professionals and cons.


  • Low renovation styling: Korab says the majority with a wolf cut can upload a texturizing product to their hair earlier than blow drying for that undone, tousled effect.
  • Looks cool: Today’s haircut screams cool female. It’s easy, low-key, and flawlessly undone.
  • Flexible: Wolf cuts are certainly versatile, lending themselves to one-of-a-kind updos, accessories, and styling procedures.
  • Effortless texture: “The layers upload a whole lot of movement to the hair,” notes Glenn Ellis, a l. A. Based on movie star hair stylist.
  • Extra volume: If you like the idea of increasing the look of hair extent, the wolf cut is a great choice.


  • Trickier for curly/thick/dense hair textures: at the same time as a well-professional stylist can make this reduce work on everybody, Justin notes it’s a chunk trickier to attain if you have naturally coarse, thick, curly, or dense hair texture.
  • Additionally tricky for extremely thin hair texture: Justin says, “Finer textures of hair can create too much weight removal if over-layered, making the hair feel finer and too serrated.”
  • Adds greater extent: if you’re not keen on voluminous hairstyles, this is not the search for you.
  • Can growth frizz: added layers can translate to an uptick in frizz. Healthful hair and styling products that tame flyaways can assist, however be aware.
  • Awkward grow-out: ​​“The develop out length may be stressful, and for you to keep the shape you will have to get regular trims, especially for the face framing,” Ellis says.

How to Style a Wolf Cut

Styling wolf cuts is quite clean for the reason that layers turn out to be doing the maximum of the work for you.

Excellent Hair

For human beings with satisfactory hair and a wolf cut, Lordet says to spritz a texturizing spray on damp hair so that it has a messed up texture as soon as dry.

Thick or Textured Hair

Those with more weight or texture to your mane ought to use a curl cream on damp hair instead, says Lordet.

Short Hair

If you have a short wolf reduction, use a pomade or dry paste to outline the layers and ends.

In all 3 scenarios, ensure to virtually work the product into all of the layers so you can seize that conventional shaggy, wild, and loose aesthetic.


1. Why do humans like wolf cuts?

The Wolf Reduce is this Season’s most Trending Haircut
A wolf reduction will add quantity and frame to hair, which could make it appealing to people with thin strands. However, continue with caution considering that growing too many uneven layers can in reality make hair appear even less dense.

2. What type of humans do wolf cuts appear good on?

The uneven, short layers across the face make the wolf haircut a flattering preference for a round face form. When you have an angled jaw or sharper functions, a wolf reduction can help to melt the ones.

3. Is wolf cut tough to preserve?

Styling a wolf cut coiffure without a round brush and ensuring its day-by-day care is viable. The wolf cut has won popularity for its edgy, shaggy look, and it is a style that is often well-known due to its low-protection nature.

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